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    IMPORTANT: Upload your logo or artwork in vector format: PDF or EPS.

    All images must be high resolution to ensure clear priniting. These types of files allow us to scale your artwork to the necessary size without encountering distortion or pixelation. If you require assistance or have questions, our design experts are here to help!

    Production turnaround time is considered from the date of the artwork approval. We recommend keeping extra few days for design setup and submitting your order accordingly if you have a tight deadline.

    Checklist For Uploading Artwork

    • Correct Sizes?

      Always cross-check twice if your graphics measurements are compatible with the product you are buying. You can take guidance about bleed, view, and safe areas from the provided template, as it will assist you in creating an appropriately dimensioned display print.

    • Correct Resolution?

      The minimum requirement for image resolution is “100% scale @ 100 - 150 DPI.” To get an idea about how your display will look like after printing, you must view the artwork in the adobe application at 100%.

    • CMYK Layout?

      Scona Displays always uses CMYK for printing to ensure quality and minimize color differences. Using RGB mode can create color variation between a print displayed on the monitor screen and the design printed on the fabric. You can ask for PMS color matching, as well.

    • Proof Reading?

      Our team will never be held accountable for errors in your final production design that have been approved by the customer earlier. It is advised to proofread your content and review the design before forwarding the graphic file.